White Pine Tree

White Pine Tree

The White Pine Tree became very popular with early American settlers as these trees often stood over 200 feet tall with a 6 foot diameter.

Many of the sail ships used the white pine for their mast. It’s even said the British conquest for this tree is one of the factors that started the Revolutionary War… the initial Colonial flag contained the emblem of a white pine.

White pines are fast growing evergreens, initially, with their growth rates slowing over time. Some trees have been known to live for over 500 years old! In the wild, the white pine is friend to birds, rabbits, squirrels, and even the black bear. Bear eat the pine seeds and the cubs will climb the tall trees for safety.

The beautiful white pine is probably best known for its use as a Christmas tree and the lumber that builds our homes.

Below is a summary of tree facts for the White Pine:

Scientific Name: Pinus strobus
Region: North America
Height: 50-85 feet
Spread: 25-35 feet
Leaf Length & Color: 2-4 inch needles
blue to blue/green
Fall Leaf Color: No change
Unique Characteristics: Tall evergreens of the forest;
Black bear like their pine seeds and shelter.

The white pine is the official State tree of Maine & Missouri and can be found in all but a few of the southern U.S. States. Rising high above with their green pyramidal shape, they’re easy to spot in the woods.