Types of Trees

Types of Trees

There are literally thousands of types of trees that make our outdoor surroundings as beautiful as they are.

From the great oaks and sycamores to the mighty pines, our woods are a museum in and of themselves.

This guide can be used for campers, scouts, or even for a scavenger hunt by those that want to have fun discovering the world around them.

Once you start looking at all of the various trees in the woods, you’ll be amazed at the variety of specimens that Mother Nature has to offer.

Many state parks have guides that you can take along with you on their nature trail to identify the type of trees that are indigenous to that area.

This is a great idea! It’s fun to walk along a path and look up the trees that shade your hike. You can even try to guess and then use the guide as a fun way to check to see if you’re right. It’s like a walking game of trivia.

Another idea would be to make a scavenger hunt list of leaves, acorns, and pinecones to gather. This can be a fun way to keep the campers occupied for a few hours!

Below is a growing list of some of trees that you might encounter on your campout. Use it as guide or tree identification chart on your next campout.

We’ll continue to add to the list, so please keep checking back…

Maple Oak Sycamore
Elm Beech Cherry
Sweet Gum Ash Sassafras
Honey Locust River Birch White Birch
White Pine Blue Spruce Ponderosa Pine

Discovering the different types of trees on your next exploration can be a lot of fun. As you look for the different leaves, fruits, barks, and seeds you’ll be in awe at these mighty and gentle parts of nature that truly make our landscape unique and enjoyable.

The benefits of trees are numerous as they provide cooling, clean air, animal habitat, and many other perks.