Sweetgum Tree

Sweetgum Tree

The Sweetgum Tree is a popular shade tree and can be seen in parks, landscapes and wooded areas all over most of the continental United States with the exception of a few of the colder northern states.

The Sweetgum is easy to spot from its 5-point leaves that look like stars and it’s prickly balled fruit that resemble a medieval mace.

The large glossy green leaves are very attractive and give the tree agenerous shade area.

The tree’s narrow pyramid shape appeals to landscapers in urban and suburban settings.

The Autumn colors of the Sweetgum are spectacular, as it produces a variety of hues from purple, red to orange and yellow.

The unique woody fruit balls also make a nice scavenger hunt item!

Sweetgum Facts

Scientific Name: Liquidambar styraciflua
Region: North America
Height: 60-75 feet
Spread: 35-50 feet
Leaf Length & Color: 4-8 inches, green
Fall Leaf Color: Orange; Red; Purple; Yellow
Unique Characteristics: Quick-growing shade tree;
Star-shape leaves & spike-ball fruits

The Sweetgum is a great shade tree to find on a hot summer afternoon, view for its fall foilage, or collect its spikey fruit for arts & crafts.