Survival Hax Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

Survival Hax Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

Product Test:
Survival Hax Self-Inflating
Sleeping Pad

Survival Hax Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad
Survival Hax Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

This product review conducted an in-depth review of the Survival Hax Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad.  We inflated and compressed the pad for several cycles and tested it thoroughly.  Even our 70 pound golden retriever took part as he pounced and rolled on the pad when unsupervised!

How does a self-inflating sleeping pad work?  Most are made of a foam pad in a nylon or polyester shell.  When the pad is uncoiled, the foam expands and it pulls air in through a valve that inflates the sleeve.  The combination of the foam and captured air provide a nice cushion together.  The benefits of a self-inflating sleeping pad are that they are more compact than a foam pad and do not require a pump that you’d need for an air mattress.  I’ve slept many nights on a foam pad a few nights on an air mattress, and surprisingly this sleeping pad provides greater cushion in a smaller package.

Survival Hax Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

Out of the box impression:  Nice-looking product; sturdy construction; includes compression band and storage sack.

Product size:  Approximately 70″ long x 20″ wide x 1.5 inches thick; weighs just over 1.5 pounds.   The mattress compresses to a roll of 6″ in diameter and 9.75″ long which is almost the same size as my camping pillow!

Comfort:  I found the Survival Hax sleeping pad to be very comfortable.  I’m 68″ tall and weigh 165 pounds.  I found the sleeping pad to provide more than enough cushion as it provided comfort on unforgiving and harder surfaces.  Compared to other sleeping pads that I’ve used, this pad was one of the more comfortable products out there.  Adding the few extra puffs of air manually, made it nice and firm, and really comfortable.

Transportable:  On multi-day hikes or camping trips, I often forego a sleeping pad because of the added weight and volume.  I’d make an exception for the Survival Hax Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad.  It’s light-weight and compact which make it an easy carry.  Here it is pictured on the REI Lookout 40 daypack.

Durability:  Our family of product testers includes 2 engineers and our 4 sons (3 of which are teenagers)…and our golden retriever who often puts himself in the center of activity whether we want him there or not!  We like quality products that can endure through our adventures.  This sleeping pad passed the test.  We cycled it through several inflations and deflations; it was laid on; hopped on; unfolded in the rain; and the dog even chased it as it uncurled (self inflated).

Auto Inflation:  Survival Hax recommends that the sleeping pad be inflated and deflated several times, and we, too, found these cycles to decrease the inflation time.  By leaving the pad uncoiled and inflated with its valve open overnight, this also appeared to speed up the rate of auto-inflation.

Below is a video that shows the sleeping pad auto inflating…

Overall assessment:  I would highly recommend Survival Hax’s self-inflating sleeping pad.  We found it to be a well-made sleeping pad that is lightweight, comfortable and durable.  The Survival Hax website has several products that will help you survive your next outdoor adventure.  Check it out!