Survival Hax – Roadside Emergency Kit

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Survival Hax – Roadside Emergency Kit

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Survival Hax - Roadside Emergency Kit
Survival Hax – Roadside Emergency Kit

Survival Hax provided us an Emergency Roadside Kit, in exchange for an impartial review. Below is a summary of what we found:

Overall, this kit is extremely comprehensive in terms of what one might look to compile to help themselves in a roadside emergency. There are items of utility and survival, contained in a nice carrying bag that is complete with a large reflective strip.

Here’s what you receive with the kit:

First Aid Kit: This is a must of any emergency kit. This kit has enough materials, gauze, bandages, scissors, and tape to provide emergency assistance to someone in need.

Jumper Cables: These are 7’ length cables with jumper clamps. The positive and negative cables are separate which provide adequate length and flexibility to maneuver 2 cars together for a ‘jump start’.

10’ Tow Strap: This is a nice addition with a multitude of uses, like pulling a disabled vehicle out of a ditch. The capacity of this strap is uncertain, so be sure to check with Survival Hax and write it with a permanent marker on the strap.

Tools: The kit includes a multi-tool knife (non-locking); an adjustable wrench; 4’ long bungee cords; cable ties; tire pressure gauge; roll of electrical tape; and a glass-break hammer.

Safety Items: There are a pair of work gloves; safety vest; reflective traffic triangle; and a pair of chemical light sticks (road-side illumination).

Survival: Also included is an emergency blanket (foil for heat retention); a candle; fire-starter; LED flashlight with hand-crank charger; a large poncho; and an emergency whistle.

As you can see, this kit provides you with whatever you need to handle most imaginable roadside emergencies. There is a lot of value in this kit for the money. The only improvements that I would make, which are minor, would be lockable blades on the knife and outside pockets on the utility bag.

This is a really nice package of items that everyone should have in their trunk. You could easily spend $200+ if you were to try to compile this kit yourself.