Square Knot

Square Knot

The square knot (also referred to as a “reef knot”) is best known for its uses in tying parcels or the triangular first-aid bandage knot. It’s a simple knot to learn and it’s reliable when tying similar materials together.

This knot can slip easily and may come undone under moving loads, so be careful as to which applications you chose to use it for. Because it is easy to adjust and is reliable under a steady load, an arm sling triangular bandage makes the ideal application for this knot.

The knot can be tied quickly and easily. Here’s how to tie it…


Square / Reef Knot – Step 1:

Cross the two sides of the rope under and over each other as pictured.

Square / Reef Knot – Step 2:

Bring the ends of the rope up and cross them back over the other end and through the loop created (as pictured).

Square / Reef Knot – Final:

Pull the ends taught.


As discussed above, this knot has a lot of good applications, can be tied, untied, and adjusted quickly. But keep in mind its limitations. If the ropes are wet, are dissimilar diameters or materials, or if the load is jerky or uneven, it WILL slip.