Pin Oak Tree

Pin Oak Tree

The Pin Oak Tree is one of the more popular trees in the oak family and a very common landscape specimen for much of the Midwestern and Eastern United States. It is a tall stately hardwood tree with a pleasant pyramidal shape and glossy green leaves. As it matures and produces acorns, it also starts to attract many woodland animal friends.

Oak is one of the more dense hardwoods and is often the wood-of-choice for fine furniture. Given its supply and quality it was also used to build the first ships of the Colonial American Navy. Oak trees are known for their longevity and can easily live for over 200 years. The oldest known oak tree is in Maryland’s eastern shore and is said to be over 400 years old.

An oak tree may go 20 or even 50 years before producing acorns, but when they mature (70-80 years old) they will produce thousands of acorns every year. That’s food for the squirrels, deer, and other woodland mammals. But it also highlights the impacts of over-logging (it can takes 70-80 years to replace a food source).

The oak tree can be found in all 48 of the contiguous states, but is not common in the extreme northern and southern climates of the U.S.

Below is a summary of tree facts for the Pin Oak Tree:

Scientific Name: Quercus palustris
Region: North America
Height: 50-75 feet
Spread: 30-40 feet
Leaf Length & Color: 4-8 inches, green
Fall Leaf Color: Copper; Red
Unique Characteristics: Nice red colored leaves in the fall;
Can transpire over 50 gallons of water daily.


The oak tree has been a symbol of strength and longevity. And if on your hike or campout you happen to come by a mature oak…you’ll know why.