Orion GoScope 70

Orion GoScope 70

Orion GoScope 70
Telescope Review

Orion GoScope
Orion GoScope

This Orion GoScope 70 Review comes directly from the end-user…my 11 year-old son.

From the parent perspective, I like the fact that:

  • It gets used much more than our older telescope
  • It folds up nice and compact and can be stored under a bed or in the closet
  • It’s nice spotting scope and clear images make it very user-friendly for junior astronomers.

This telescope has everything a beginning astronomer needs. It is a 70mm refractor that comes with 2 Kellner telescope eyepieces, a 20mm (terrestrial), and a 10mm (celestial). You can easily point the telescope at a desired location because of its swift motion, and the easy finder II, which is a finding scope that uses a red dot to guide and point the telescope at basically anything! Its interchangeable tripod can be adjusted to your height. It also comes with a 45° direct image diagonal. It’s great because everything I just mentioned fits into a carrying backpack which is perfect to take on hikes, vacations, or big events! All of this and a starry night software comes together in a nice backpack/carrying case.

Orion GoScope Telescope

My favorite three things about this telescope are:

  • The Easy Finder II
  • It is an ultra portable telescope that fits into a small backpack, and weighs in at a light 6 pounds.
  • The fact that you can view the planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Uranus, and Neptune.

I would recommend this telescope to an amateur astronomer looking for a lightweight, portable, and an easy set up telescope.