Nature and I

Nature and I

My Outdoor Story

Hi, my name’s Mike and I love the outdoors.

Camping Field Guide

Nature and I go way back. I grew up climbing trees, swimming in creeks, playing with BB guns, and having plenty of summertime campouts.

I loved fishing, camping, and hunting as a kid and want my kids to have some of the same adventures.

I put this Camping Guide together to share tips and ideas on camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities that come with it

My wife and I have 4 sons and we’ve found camping and scouting trips to be a fun way to have some good family time while still letting the boys use up their energy in a non-disciplinary environment ;-).

So, you’ll notice an emphasis on kid’s camping ideas, games, and activities…I hope they come in handy for your next trip or outdoor adventure.

As a young adult, I joined the military and experienced a whole new meaning to tent camping! I’ve been on numerous military field exercises and multi-day hikes in a variety of climates and regions.

I’ve added some of my lessons learned from these experiences for those that choose to venture a bit further away from KOA.

My love of nature has grown with age. From planting trees and tending our small garden to nice long jogs through urban & state park areas…I never get tired of the sights, smells, and sounds that nature has to offer.

I hope this site helps you with your family outing, scouting trip, or whatever outdoor adventure or exploration awaits you. As the kids have new ideas or we try a new piece of gear or craft, I try to add some helpful tips to the site.

Please feel free to contact us if you have an idea that you’d like to share, whether it be a camping tip, recipe, proposed gear review, or even constructive criticism…drop us a line!

Happy Camping – Enjoy the Outdoors!!

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