Loop Knot

Loop Knot

The simple loop knot is really nothing more than an overhand knot on a doubled-up piece of rope. It’s a quick knot that can be done one-handed and untied easily, but it’s not a very good knot for long-term or load-bearing use. It can come in handy for clothes lines, taking the slack out of longer ropes, and hanging gear in a tent. But it should not be used for climbing or boat mooring. For these load-bearing activities, go with the sturdier and more reliable knots such as a bowline, alpine, or figure-8.

This knot can be done in just a few simple steps. To avoid slipping at the end of a rope, you can add a stop knot.

Here’s how to tie it…


Simple Loop – Step 1:

Gather the section of rope that is to become the loop and shape a backwards letter ‘P’ with the parallel strands.

Simple Loop – Step 2:

Take the loop end and pull it up through the loop created by the ‘P’ shape.

Simple Loop – Final Knot:

Pull the knot taught.

The simple loop is the easiest and least complex of the looped knots and can be done with the least rope, but it’s also a much less capable knot, too. Keep it in your knot-tying toolbox and use it when practical.