Linemans Loop Knot

Linemans Loop Knot

The Lineman’s Loop Knot or Alpine Butterfly knot is considered to be the knot of choice for many climbers and hikers. It is very reliable and can be tied at the end or in the middle of the rope. It can be made into a reliable foothold, mooring, or carabiner hanging point.

This loop knot is handy when you don’t have access to the ends of the rope. It can take load in all 3 directions without slipping, and it’s fairly easy to tie. A series of these knots can be tied for a climbing rope, or it can be used to hoist items in the middle of a suspended rope to avoid a swinging load.

Here are the steps to tie this knot…

Lineman Loop – Step 1:

Take your rope and form a loop within a loop, as pictured. Make sure that the rope lies as pictured, where it criss-crosses twice.

Lineman Loop – Step 2:

Take the top center of the upper loop and push it down, up, under and through the smaller loop. This should form two loops on the right and left of the center loop. Take the load ends of the rope and guide them through the left and right loops.

Lineman Loop – Final:

Continue to pull the finished loop through, shaping the size of the loop as needed.

The lineman’s loop knot is a very reliable loop. Practice it a few times and get comfortable tying it at the end and middle of a rope. It can be used for many applications at the campsite and other outdoor sports.