Leaf Rubbing Craft

Leaf Rubbing Craft

Leaf Rubbing Craft - materials needed

Leaf Rubbings are a fun, inexpensive, and very attractive craft that the kids can do in the woods or at home. By getting a variety of leaves, some crayons, and some blank paper, this camping activity can keep the scouts occupied while educating them on the many types of trees in the woods.

When kids go camping they like to collect treasures: rocks, leaves, critters, etc… This craft is a fun way to make a memorable souvenir without taking any of those unwanted things back into your home. This can be as simple or decorative as the kids want. You can bring stickers and construction paper for borders and cover sheets, or you can simply punch holes and add it to a scrap book or photo album.

Rocks, bug-filled pinecones and diseased feathers will lose their luster quickly once the tent is down and your campers are heading home. Try a leaf rubbing craft for your next camping activity…

Collect a variety of leaves

Leaf Rubbing


Have the kids go out and collect a variety of leaves. As mentioned above, this leafy craft is a great opportunity to show the campers the many types of trees around them. They could even use the rest of the paper to label the rubbings with the types of trees and a few facts about that tree (for the older scouts).



 Dark crayons work the best

Leaf RubbingUsing a crayon, show the kids how to rub in a back and forth manner on the white paper over the leaf. It works the best with darker crayons on a smooth surface such as a board or table. Experiment with different types of leaves & crayons. Doing multiple leaves on one piece of paper looks really neat!



Label, decorate, & make a leaf album

Leaf Rubbing

After the craft is complete, have the kids label the leaves and decorate the pages however they would like. The adults can punch holes in their pages and use yarn to make them a leaf album which can be a fun a colorful memento from their camping experience.
Leaf rubbings are one of the better-looking crafts that you can do with no sharp objects, glue, or clean-up!! Try them on your next campout or scout meeting and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t think of it sooner. It’s easy, cheap, and a lot of fun for the kids. Happy Camping!!