Kids ID Tags

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Kids ID Tags

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Making kids ID Tags is a fun craft and a practical activity for your campers or scouts. Just like military dog tags are used in emergency identification situations, these tags can be used for your campers to wear or identify their belongings.

For the craft, you’ll need some shrinky dink paper (see link at bottom of page), an oven or toaster oven, a permanent marker or roller point pen, and some scotch tape. Use can use this ID Tag Template for tracing. Keep in mind that your dimensions on the shrink paper before you bake will be 3x your finish dimensions.

Step 1

Print out the template and place under the shrink paper. You will be writing on the rough side of the paper. Put the template in the upper corner to maximize use of the shrink paper. Tape the template in place.

Kids ID Tags - Template

Step 2

Carefully trace the outline of the ID Tag on the paper and write the ID information on the 6 lines. Use the 6-line table as a guide, do not trace the text table. Also trace the hole to be punched out. You may want to use pencil first and then trace with pen or permanent marker (pencil can be erased and avoids wasting shrink paper unnecessarily).

Step 3

Cut the ID Tag out. For a more dog tag style ID, leave the tag with a thick black outline to mimic a dog-tag silencer. Next, use a hole puncher to punch out the approximate hole dimensions on the template. Be sure to punch the hole out before baking, as you will not be able to do it after baking.

Step 4

Put a layer of aluminum foil on a cookie sheet. Bake your kids ID Tags at 325 degrees F for 2-5 minutes (follow the shrinky dink instructions). Leave some space around each ID tag, so that they don’t stick to each other when they curl up. Toaster ovens are fun – the kids can watch them curl and shrink before their eyes. Don’t worry…they will uncurl in their new smaller size.

These ID Tag crafts are a great way to identify campers, sleeping bags, flashlights, etc… They are a fun craft to make with kids. One downside is that the tags are a bit brittle and will not endure too many rough adventures. If you’re after a more durable ID tag, check out the Road ID line of products. They have dog tags w/ custom logos, bracelets, and anklets. They are laser-etched on stainless steel and they come with a lifetime guarantee. They’re under $20 and make a fun gift idea.

Or, if you’d rather just buy the kids ID tags…