Gifts for Campers

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Gifts for Campers

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Gifts for Campers

These gifts for campers were compiled from years of outdoor adventures and family and friend’s experiences. We only listed reputable vendors and continue to test products and revise this page for your use. At the bottom of the page, there are buying guides and product review links that delve into features and product details.

Flashlights / Headlamps

The great outdoors can be a dark place after sunset…which makes light a great gift for campers of all ages! And if you haven’t tried LEDs yet, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. The light is much brighter than incandescent and the industry has improved the beam effective range (although incandescent still outshines for long distances). I’ve found the headlamp lights to be very effective and convenient when walking through the woods and needing your hands to carry something other than a flashlight!

Adventurer Watches

The days of watches telling time only seem to be fading fast. I am amazed by what functions a sport-sized watch can do! For example, some of the watches below have thermometers, altimeters, barometers, digital compass, pedometers, and much more! A few of these models have all of the above and make a great gift for campers, hikers, or anyone that spends a lot of time outdoors!

Handheld GPS

One of the highest tech gifts for campers that you can buy is a GPS receiver. Below are some of the top models on the market. Many offer topo maps, instant tracking, return directions, and much more. I’m amazed at the accuracy and speed to which the new generation of GPS units can track and record position information. I’ve enjoyed my GPS unit on camping trips, hiking, geocaching, and even on adventurous long trail runs. The Garmin Rino units offer a radio / GPS combination, are super rugged, and will help you survive whatever the outdoors may throw your way. If you haven’t tried one of these fun gadgets yet, you need to check them out…they’re one of the best high-ends gifts for campers that you can get…


Need a gift idea? Give the gift of water! If you’re planning any backpacking or hiking on your outdoor outing, these products will ensure that you have a healthy supply of water when you hit the trail. I have a couple CamelBak products and have used them in some of the world’s most arduous environments…they are extremely durable!


I know we live in the digital age…I go in the woods with a GPS and watch with digital compass…but I always carry a tried-and-true magnetic compass, too. They’re like a pencil – reliable, dependable, and practically indestructible. So whether you are gearing up for a boy scout orienteering course, a military land navigation exercise, or a long hike in the woods, you can’t go wrong with a simple and reliable compass.


Remember the magic that grandpop could work in the woods with his trusty pocket knife…Imagine what he could do if he had a Leatherman?? Today’s multi tools range from the super Swiss Army Knives to Gerber and Leatherman products that are each like having a tool-box on your belt. I’ve found the mini-saws, screwdrivers, and can openers to be great. I’m also a fan of the needle-nose pliers, especially when it comes to catch-and-release fishing with the kids!  Check out for multi-tool product reviews.  This is a great gifts for campers idea for that scout leader or outdoor person in your life…

Hiking Poles

If your trails are anything like the rocky Pennsylvania sections of the Appalachian Trail…you’ll appreciate a good set of poles to keep your footing. Ranging from $20 to $150 a pair, there’s quite a variety of materials, weights, and sizes to choose from. Here are a few of the more popular ones…


Sometimes the best sunblock and bug deterrent there is a good hat. I’m preferential to the boney hat styles as they provide 360-degrees of shade. They’re also good for attaching headlamps and other items to (around the top)…

Fire Starters

One of the fundamental survival tools is means to make a fire. A good flint, water-proof match container, or lighter can make the difference between a hot meal and a cold one…hypothermia or dry clothes. There should always be room in your pack for a fire-starting kit…

Survival Gear

Sometimes the smallest items on our packing list can have the biggest impact when you’re lost or own your own in the wilderness.  Keep your loved ones safe with items like these:

I hope that this gifts for campers page sparked some ideas for you or your favorite outdoor enthusiast. Still thinking? Try the buying guides and product reviews below for more thoughts.

Happy Camping!