Flashlight Tag

Flashlight Tag

A classic game of flashlight tag is perfect for that calm summer night when the crickets are signing and the fire flies are dancing in the evening sky. It’s very similar to Hide & Go Seek or Kick the Can, but younger campers have fun with the flashlight and hiding in the dark. As the name implies, you’ll need a good flashlight for the person who is it. And you’ll also want to lay out some ground rules to keep everyone safe. Keep the field of play away from the campfire, the tents, any clothes lines, and try to minimize the tripping hazards such as rocks & roots.

Now that the playing area is set, it’s time to choose the person to be it. This person will be the bearer of the flashlight and the “Seeker”, if you will. The seeker counts to 50 (out loud for all to hear) and gives the infamous, “Ready or not, here I come!!”. Armed with their trusty flashlight they start to hunt down the “Hiders”. The Seeker must keep their flashlight ON at all times and not covered.

Now those hiding need not stay still. In fact, part of the fun of the game is to elude the seeker by slinking from one tree to the next. If the Seeker sees you moving about, he/she will call out, “I see so-and-so in the red shorts”. If they have correctly identified you…you go to the flashlight tag jail which unfortunately has no jail break “can” to kick ;-). If the Seeker has incorrectly identified you, you correct them and they are to count to 50 with their eyes covered. The Seeker can not multiple guess until they get the right name. If they’re right, the person goes to jail. Wrong, they get a reprieve.

The game ends when the Seeker has caught everyone or after a set amount of time. Because this is played in the dark, a huge playing area is not necessary. You don’t want a simple camping game of flashlight tag to lead to an all night search & rescue!

The person that was first captured and sent to jail will become the next game’s Seeker and so on. It’s a great post-S’Mores game and it will burn that last bit of energy out them before they hit the sleeping bags (or at least that’s the theory ;-).

Have fun!