First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Cub Scout First Aid Kit

One way to teach kids about first aid is to have them make their very own first aid kit. This can be a fun craft whether it’s part of a cub scout meeting or just a family camping activity around the campfire. The items that you need are simple and can vary depending on what you can find around the house or at the store.

What you need: The container can be something like an old film container, metal mint tin, or small medicine tube (be sure to clean them out, if needed). The contents can include: small band-aids, gauze, iodine wipes or sanitizing wipes, first aid cream packets, and a small index card. You can use markers and stickers for the kids to decorate the outside. You can also glue index cards on the mint tin, and make small identification cards for your campers or scouts to place inside their kits.

If you’re doing this at a scout meeting, you can mix this craft within a first aid lesson. Before you start making the first aid kits, call on a volunteer and give them a pretend injury (a cut finger is a good example). Show the group how to clean the area with the wipe, and apply the band-aid. Explain that the wipe and band-aid keep the area clean so that the injury can heal without dirt or germs causing an infection.

First Aid Kit - Belt LoopNext, pass out the containers, first aid items, and stickers and markers. Let them decorate their kits and stuff the items in the containers. If you’re using film containers, you can make a handy little belt loop for the scouts to keep the first aid kits at their side.

Place a nail in the center of the container lid, and gently make a hole. Use a screwdriver to push two end of the string through the hole (as pictured). With both strings together, tie a simple knot in the string and cut off the excess. Note: This can be dangerous, so please reserve this an a parent’s only activity…lest you use the first aid items before you even get out into the woods!

For older campers and scouts, the mint tins work out nicely. You can fit more items, such as burn gel packets, gauze pads, larger band-aids, and the winged bandages that are good for knuckles and joints. If you have blank white labels, these can be used to cover the tin and you can even add a contents list on the inside of the tin lid.

Be creative…make it fun. Making a first aid kit is a fun way for the kids to prepare for camping, hiking, and any other outdoor adventure.

Kid's First Aid Kit