Figure Eight Knot

Figure Eight Knot

The figure eight knot is a handy knot used by climbers, campers, and hikers that want a reliable loop knot. It’s easily checked by its figure-8 to see if it was tied correctly. It can be used for lifelines and safety harnesses and is a sturdy knot that won’t slip. It can not be tied under a load which is one of its few downsides.

The figure eight loop can be tied at the rope’s end or in the middle sections, which make it especially useful if you need a loop knot at a certain location along the rope. It’s also an easy knot to learn and check, so many people like it for its simplicity.

Here’s how to tie the figure eight loop:

Figure Eight – Step 1:

Gather the section of rope that is to become the loop and shape the letter ‘P’ with the parallel strands.

Figure Eight – Step 2:

Take the top of the loop and bend it over and back under the load ends of the rope.

Figure Eight – Step 3:

Take the loop end and pull it through the loop created by the ‘P’ shape.

Figure Eight Loop – Final Knot:

Pull the knot taught and check to see if it was done correctly (figure-8 shape).


The figure eight loop is a good knot-tying class example to use of a reliable loop knot that can be quickly tied and checked for proper form. If you need to do a loop knot mid-rope, try the figure eight in place of a bowline.