Eureka Silver City

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Eureka Silver City

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Eureka Silver City
Product Review

Eureka Silver City
Eureka Silver City

The Eureka Silver City is an outstanding piece of gear for your next camping or backpacking trip. Having used Eureka military-issue tents, my expectations were high for this product…and Eureka came through again! This sleeping bag review is based on my side-by-side evaluation of the Silver City, as compared to my old trusty flannel-lined bag.

But before I delve into the review, here are the stats for the product:


Silver City (Long)
Dimensions 87”x34”x22”
Carry Weight 2 lbs 7 oz
Temp Rating +30F
Cover / Liner Fabric 210T polyester
Fill Material Rteq

What I liked the most…

  • Size & Weight:
    The Silver City is nearly 1/2 the weight and 1/3 the volume of my old bag. The stuff sack is durable, rugged and makes it a much more manageable piece of gear to carry than most other sleeping bags. For comparison purposes, the weight of my other sleeping bag (pictured below) is 4 pounds and the dimensions are 17” long with a 10” diameter. The Eureka Silver City is 2.5 pounds, 14” long, and 7” in diameter.
  • Comfort:
    The mummy shape is very comfortable with a convenient pillow-pocket at the head. I also like the fact that the zipper ends 2/3 down the bag for those hot summer nights when you want to have a foot hanging out. The Rteq insulation makes this a very toasty bag and should keep you nice and warm on frosty nights. The top of the bag also has a “zipper lock” to keep the bag from unzipping as you toss in your sleep.
  • Quality:
    During this sleeping bag review, I not only tested it…but I let my 8 year-old ‘go to town’ too. The zipper worked flawlessly; The seams are tough and triple-stitched; and the bag looks like it could endure a lifetime of hiking and camping. (Note: My son was very enamored with the iPod pocket on the inside…gotta love the perspective 😉
  • Convenience:
    This sleeping bag is ready to strap to your pack and go. The compression sack is a nice piece of gear in and of itself. Normally, I put my bag in a trash bag before I stuff it into the compression sack – I don’t see the need with the Eureka Silver City. Its sewn straps on the sack also allow you to secure it to your pack in a multitude of ways. You’ll appreciate these conveniences…as it will free you up to focus on your other items to carry.

Eureka Silver City size comparison with regular sleeping bag

What I liked the least…

There are not many down-sides to this sleeping bag, however those that have gotten used to the nice flannel lining of their cheaper sleeping bags may have an adjustment when sliding on the smooth polyester lining….to me it’s a minor detail when looking at all the gains and one that I could easily overcome by wearing cotton clothes to bed.

The other downside is the envy and lack of sympathy you’ll get from having a small & lighter bag which will bring on extra pack space and the high likelihood that you’ll have to carry your significant other or children’s gear ;-).

The little design details of this sleeping bag are well thought out, from the perspective of carrying it to a good night’s sleep. This product falls right in line and is consistent with Eureka’s long line of dependable outdoor products.

I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking to invest in a long-lasting sleeping bag that will lighten their load.

Great product!