Camping Hygiene

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Camping Hygiene

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Packing the essential camping hygiene items can make your outdoor trip more comfortable and fun for you AND your tent mates! When we’re away from home and all of the conveniences that we have in our house and community, it’s easy to forget all of those items that are needed on a daily basis.

One way to come up with the personal camping hygiene items that we need is to go through your daily routine and see what items are absolutely essential. You may want to forego some things like hair care and make-up products, as the woods are less formal than the urban jungle!

Another suggestion is to think of the unwanted conditions that may strike and pack the necessary items. I’m not just speaking of feminine hygiene, but also stomach pains, headaches, allergies, etc… Some small travel-pack medicines can help you while away from home. Here are some personal camping hygiene items to add to your camping checklist…

Toothpaste & Brush

If you’re going away for more than 1 night, it’s a good idea to pack some toothpaste & toothbrush.  Aside from a good dental practice, it also keeps breath odors down and gets campers in a good personal hygiene routine.


Deodorant is a simple item to pack that can keep bodily odors from ruining a camping trip.  Sounds funny, but it can be revolting if you forget to pack it.  Don’t forget it!

Electric Shaver

After many multi-week field exercises with the military, I finally caught on and bought an inexpensive electric razor.  And let me tell you that was one of the better decisions that I ever made.  It runs on 2 rechargeable AA batteries and takes a fraction of the time and packing space that a shaver and shaving cream take.  It’s a nice item to have in your pack for the longer outings.

Field Mirror

If you’re near your vehicle, this may not be necessary, as you can always stoop down and look into the side view mirror.  If not, a small 6-inch square field mirror can be handy for shaving and can even double as a survival signaling item.

Pain Killers

Getting a headache, muscle pain, or other ache can take away from the enjoyment and fun of your trip.  Having a small bottle of Tylenol of Advil can be a lifesaver on-the-go and is worth adding to your pack for you or others.  NSAIDS, Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory Drugs, like Ibuprofen, Aleve, or Motrin can also help reduce swelling for injuries.


The woods can be a lousy place to get an upset stomach or diarrhea.  Pack a small roll of Tums or Pepto tablets in your pack.  Hope you never need them, but in the event that you do…

Personal Medications

Do you get asthma, allergies, or have other medications that you take?  These items can be easily forgotten.  How about contact lenses?  Without running water, you might want to consider eye glasses for the trip.  Whatever your needs are at home, make sure you account for them while you’re in the woods.

Personal camping hygiene items can be an afterthought on our camping packing list, but they can make the difference between a comfortable or miserable experience. It takes some time to think through what we absolutely need, but it’s worth the effort. So put away the styling mousse and curling iron, but don’t forget the Speed Stick & Tylenol (camping is more fun than this list would allude to!

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