Camping Games

Camping Games

Organizing a few camping games can be a fun way to keep the young campers occupied and out of the tents! From campfire songs to treasure hunts to a mini-Olympics (if you’re really daring), there are plenty of camping activities and ideas for everyone to enjoy.

If you’ve ever watched a group of kids make up a neighborhood game, their ingenuity can be really entertaining. It usually starts with an object (a ball), and then the rules get debated: “The big tree is out of bounds”….”The mailbox is base”…”If you hit the telephone pole it’s 3 points”…etc… It amazes me how kids came make a game up in almost any environment. Camping games can be just as spontaneous and creative…without knocking down the tent or jumping over the campfire!

Depending on the age of your campers, there are some really fun and creative ways to enjoy the outdoor environment. Below are a few ideas to get you started. Some take more time to organize than others, but each can make your next campout that much more enjoyable:

  • Campfire songs: Here’s a list of your fireside favorites that are sure to get a sing-a-long and some added giggles along the way.
  • Treasure Hunt: A fun way to explore the great outdoors while following a treasure map of clues!
  • Geocaching: Have a GPS? This activity is growing in popularity and number. Just type in the zipcode of the campsite and you’ll likely find many hidden canisters in the vicinity. This is lots of fun…if you have a GPS, you’ve got to try it!
  • Camping Olympics: Have a bigger group? Why not organize some camping games and point system and keep your competitive kids active. From tug-o-war to horseshoes, there are plenty of wooded activities to combine for a team competition.
  • Flashlight Tag: The timeless game that gives the kids an excuse to run around in the dark.
  • Kick the Can: Another fun game for larger groups, this one is a blast for big and little kids, alike!
  • Capture the Flag: This one can occupy the campers for hours…especially if you have a lot of wooded territory to work with.
  • Frisbee Horseshoes: This unique game is fun for all ages, can be played anywhere, and is a lot safer than throwing iron weights at one another!

I hope the above list gave you some good ideas for your next camping adventure. You might also enjoy the camping activity page with some fun camping craft ideas for kids of all ages.

Happy Camping!