Camping Diorama


Camping Diorama


Camping Diorama

A camping diorama is a good craft that the scouts can do before or after their campout. Because it involves scissors, glue, construction paper, and other craft items, it’s a tough activity to do while camping, but it’s a great activity to get the scouts excited about an upcoming camping trip or reminisce about a previous trip.

Dioramas can be a fun and imaginative way for kids to learn about camping, setting up a campsite, and all of the elements that go into it. Having a visual model of the campsite may also help some of the more timid scouts feel more comfortable about an future outing.

While there are many creative ways to make a camping diorama, below are some ideas and tips to help you get started:

Start with a shoe box

Your 3-D camping scene will all be nicely captured in the inside of a shoe box. If your shoebox has the lid, you can stand the box up in the open lid (forming an L-shape). The lid will give you some added space for items like additional tents, wild animals, trees, campfire, etc…

Make the background

Line the shoe box with construction paper, or if you really want to get fancy: print out some wooded background shots. You can enlarge or shrink the picture to fit the dimensions of the shoebox. Using a glue stick, paste the paper on the inside of the shoebox, forming the background of your campsite.

Tent & Trees

Next, have the kids add the main items, such as a tent and a few trees. You can make these out of construction paper and glue them to the background, as pictured above, or you can make these items 3-D and put them on the surface of the diorama. If you have any felt or extra material, other than paper, this can be a neat way to make the tent standout from the background.

The Campfire

I don’t know why, but the kids always get the biggest “kick” out of their mini campfires. Have a box of toothpicks on hand and some orange construction paper. If you have any orange or yellow tissue paper, this also works nicely to simulate the flames.

The Extras

For the younger scouts, you may want to keep your camping diorama simple, but as they get older it’s fun to add more details. Such as: small ring of rocks for the campfire ring; additional tents in the foreground; a few woodland creatures like deer, squirrels, skunks & raccoons; and maybe even a few camper figurines. This is where it’s fun to watch to see where the kid’s imagination take them…or should I say their parent’s imagination ;-).

A camping diorama is a good pre or post camping activity. These are also fun crafts to leave on display in your home, school, or scouting meeting place. They spark the imagination and let them relive their outdoor adventures!