Camping Desserts


Camping Desserts


When most people think of camping desserts, they think of S’Mores. But if your trek takes you for multiple nights or has some picky campers, you may want some other dessert ideas just in case. Below are some favorite camping treats to share around the campfire…including our graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow friend.

Some of the best treats to plan for camping are those that require the least amount of utensils and cookware. If you have a large RV with a kitchen, you may be able to expand your menu, but for the rest of us…simplicity is key.

Campfire Peach Dessert

  • Cut a large peach in half & remove the pit.
  • Mix a tablespoon of sugar & a teaspoon of cinnamon in a small cup.
  • Set the two halves of the peach on a sheet of tinfoil and sprinkle the cinnamon / sugar mix onto the peach.
  • Put the peach halves together and fold up the tinfoil into a nice pouch (see cooking with tinfoil.)
  • Very carefully, place wrapped peach into the hot campfire coals with tongs. Allow to cook for 20 minutes.
  • Remove carefully from the coals. Allow to cool for a few minutes and brush off the ash from the foil.
  • Gently open up the foil and form a tinfoil bowl for your peach dessert. Enjoy!!

The above campfire recipe can be modified to include a cored apple or an unpeeled banana (less the sugar & cinnamon, of course).

Fruit Cup

  • Take a large bowl and cut up bite-size pieces of fruit. Try to include banana, melon, grapes, apple, and pear slices.
  • Next, mix in a cup of strawberry yogurt (other flavors will work here, too).
  • Mix the fruit and yogurt thoroughly. Depending on the amount of servings and pieces of fruit, you may want to include a 2nd cup of yogurt. The consistency should be lightly-coated fruit, not too soupy.
  • Serve! This is best when served shortly after its prepared. If you’re looking for a camping dessert that doesn’t require a campfire, this is a good choice. Simple to prepare…yet a delicious treat!


Campfire Dessert Breadsticks

  • Take a 16-ounce package roll-mix.
  • Form the dough into long breadsticks, give them a nice length-wise twist for appearance, and place them onto individual tinfoil sheets.
  • Coat each breadstick with melted butter (the sprays work well for this especially when in the woods).
  • Mix a ½ cup of sugar and two teaspoons of cinnamon together in a cup.
  • Thoroughly coat all of the breadsticks with the sugar / cinnamon mix.
  • Wrap the tinfoil into a secure pouch. (see cooking with tinfoil.)
  • Carefully place breadsticks into the hot coals with tongs and allow to cook for 10-15 minutes.
  • Safely remove the pouches from the coals. Allow to cool. Serve!!



  • This campfire treat is almost a must-do at least one night of your outing. The tricky part will be keeping the chocolate bars from melting and getting eaten during the day 😉
  • To keep this treat fairly distributed amongst our campers, we usually put an even number of graham cracker halves and chocolate bar pieces onto everyone’s plate at the start before the feeding frenzy starts (there’s always leftover marshmallows…but never chocolate!).
  • Next, pass out the long sticks and marshmallows.
  • Position the hungry campers with the wind at their back around the fire.
  • Have them roast the marshmallows over the flames & hot coals. Be sure to extinguish the marshmallows before placing them onto the plates.
  • With the marshmallow still on the stick, squeeze it off with two graham cracker halves (and a few sections of Hershey bar in between).
  • The hot marshmallow will flatten out and melt the chocolate into this legendary camping dessert. Enjoy!

These camping desserts are a great way to end a fun day under the stars. The simplicity of the campfire, the ingredients, and the cookware should help you enjoy it as much as those that you’re serving. Bon Appétit!

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