Camping Activities

Camping Activities

Camping Games

Having a few good camping activities up your sleeve can really add to the fun of your camping trip! From scary stories to campfire songs to scavenger hunts, there are plenty of crafts, games, and ideas to keep you and your group entertained at the campground.

Depending on the age of the campers and the place where you’re going, your camping activities can be made into a competition or just a family fun game. If you’re camping with kids, having some thread of competition usually keeps their interest and heightens the excitement. For example, a scavenger hunt with various woodland items, such as tree leaves, acorns, and pine cones is a fun way for them to learn about the woods and yet have the thrill of a team race.

Here’s are some more camping activities to use on your next outing:

  • Pinecone Birdfeeder: This favorite cub scout activity can be made easily with just a few pinecones, string, birdseed, and peanut butter. Simple to make, you can also see the birds enjoy it shortly after they’re done and hung up (far enough from the tent so the birds actually land there ;-). This is an ideal camping activity for those little campers with short attention spans!
  • Leaf & Tree Rubbings: This can be a fun and educational way to find different types of leaves and bark and create a scrapbook of what you find. Rubbings are best done with some masking tape, white paper, and dark colored crayons. It’s fun to have a mix of colors and even some stickers if you’re making scrapbook pages.
  • Build a Camping Diorama: Before or after your outing, you can peak their excitement or have them re-live their adventure with a camping diorama that displays your whole campsite scene. This is a good scouting craft!
  • Plaster of Paris Animal Tracks: With some hobby-shop plaster of paris, an empty milk jug, and some other easy-to-find items you can make a neat animal tracks plaque and a great camping trip souvenir. These are a fun conversation piece for kids, especially if you find a wolf, bear, or other rare tracks!
  • A Bug Lab: Using an empty 2-liter bottle or other container, punch some air holes in the top and let your explorers loose to find the wood’s smallest inhabitants. If you’re in an area where fire flies come out at night, this can also be a fun camping game before the nighttime S’mores!
  • Woodland Scavenger Hunt: As mentioned above, a scavenger hunt can be a fun competition and can be as simple or complex as what you want to dream up. It can include different types of leaves, rocks, seeds, pinecones, acorns, and even bugs (if you’re daring ;-). It can also include a checklist of other items such as a stream, deer, a bird’s nest, animal tracks, etc… This can be a of fun for groups of campers to go out exploring. Make sure that you set up some boundary rules, so that you don’t have any lost explorers out there!
  • Paper Boats: Learning how to fold paper boats can be an easy & fun way to enjoy a nice day outdoors by a cool stream. Use this step-by-step guide with pictures to learn how…it’s just like making a paper airplane.
  • Kid’s ID Tags: Here’s a simple and fun way to make dog-tag-style IDs for your campers and their gear.

After the tent is up and backpacks are unpacked, there’s nothing like a few well-organized camping activities to keep the explorers happy. Have a few ideas in mind and ready-to-go just in case the explorers start inventing games of their own (i.e. throwing rocks at tent, jumping over the campfire, etc…)?!

Have fun!