Campfire Hotdogs

Campfire Hotdogs

If you’re looking for an easy campout meal, nothing is simpler than campfire hotdogs. You can cook them on a stick, in a Dutch oven pot of boiling water, or in a myriad of other tasty and creative ways.

Below are a few ways to cook and hot dogs around a campfire. The key to all of these is a nice hot fire with hot coals and low flames, and a long enough stick to comfortably cook the hot dog. You’ll want to have sticks that are 30-40 inches long. We bought some metal skewers years ago and they have come in quite handy for our campfire cookouts.

The first and easiest bare-bones option would be to cook simple hotdogs on a stick. Add a bag of rolls and some mustard and you’ve got a meal! Hotdogs are small and compact and with a few ice packs and small soft cooler, you can keep them cold until your campfire. The rolls are a bit trickier. If you’re backpacking or hiking, it can be very tricky not to squash the rolls. Old shoe boxes are a good way to protect them in a backpack. But a better choice may be to put the whole meal on a stick…

In the frozen food aisle, grab a tin or two of these ready-mix breadsticks or rolls! Roll the dough into long pieces slightly longer than your hotdog, then twirl them around your dog on a stick. You can even plan ahead by wrapping up your dogs with the breadstick dough and pre-packing them in bags for your campers. After 10-15 minutes of cooking over the hot coals, you’ll have a tasty meal with a bit more pizzazz than that hotdog in the squashed bun.

If your campers are hungry for a second helping of campfire hotdogs, there’s another trick you can try….the spider hotdog!. Looking down at the hotdog, lengthwise, make two cuts perpendicular to each other 1-2 inches down…do the same on the other side, leaving the middle of the hot dog, unsliced. Put it on your skewer and cook….you’ve got an entertaining meal now!

Campfire hotdogs are the most common camping meal for obvious reasons…easy…quick…no utensils…no problem! And while they’re easy – they don’t have to be boring! I hope the ideas above help bring some fun to your campfire meal.

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