Campfire Dinner Rolls


Campfire Dinner Rolls


Bread goes with almost any meal. Having some tasty campfire dinner rolls can help fill out the meal and can be fun to make. There are many variations, but the easiest way is to start with a ready-made instant biscuit package. These are convenient, pre-packaged and already separated into serving sizes.

Without an over or toaster, it’s the baking part that can get a bit tricky in the woods. The easiest means for cooking some delicious dinner rolls is right in the coals of the campfire. We can do this carefully with a nice tin-foil pouch. The other way, which can be more fun, is to cook on sticks. The best way to do this is to either bring metal campfire spears or to find some nice green branches, carve off the bark to a pointed stick and use that. Make sure that the sticks are at least 30+ inches long to keep a safe distance from the hot coals & flames.

Here are the recipes for your dinner rolls….

Traditional Campfire Dinner Rolls

  • Start with some pieces of tin foil and the pre-formed dough discs. Cut a notch in the top and place a small pad of butter.
  • Fold the tin foil pouch as described on the link above.
  • Place the roll in the hot coals carefully with tongs.
  • Allow to cook for 15 minutes .
  • Remove from the fire and allow to cool for a few minutes before serving.


Twisted Campfire Dinner Rolls on a Stick

  • Take a nice long stick, clean off the bark from the end 9-12 inches (Make sure to use a nice green wood from a large tree…DO NOT USE RHODODENDRON, POISON IVY, OAK, OR SUMAC).
  • Take the dough biscuit shapes and roll them into sticks that are about ½ inch in diameter.
  • Take the dough sticks and gently wind them around the end of the stick. Try to keep them on the smooth bark-free part of the stick.
  • If you want them buttered, melt some butter is a dish and paint them. Or, better yet, apply a butter spray to them after you wind them on the stick.
  • Try to cook them over the heat of coals, rather than in the flame. When they’re golden brown, they’re ready to eat!
  • Note: This can be cumbersome and boring for little campers. You may want to try the traditional campfire dinner rolls above if you’ve got little ones…save their arm strength for the S’Mores ;-).

I hope you enjoy these campfire treats. Dinner rolls make a nice side dish for almost any meal. Have fun!

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