Campfire Chili


Campfire Chili


Campfire Chili is just another name for chili on-the-go. It’s nice to have at least one easy meal tucked away for your campout.

With the chili prepared and portioned out into individual tinfoil pouches, cooking and clean-up are much easier when you get out into the woods.

If you want to really speed things up in the woods, you could even pre-cook the meat and just use the campfire to re-heat the pouches. It all depends on how much you’re willing to do ahead of time.

If you haven’t done so already, read the page on how to make a tinfoil pouch. You’ll want to have some tinfoil squares and ziplock bags ready once you’re done preparing your Chili.

Another consideration is what to serve with the Chili. Our guys like tortilla chips, but you could also try the campfire dinner rolls . Make sure you mentally walk through the meal and pack the necessary bowls, spoons, napkins, and shredded cheese for toppings.

Campfire Chili Ingredients:
1 pound of lean hamburger meat
1 cup of diced onion (an average-sized onion)
1/2 of diced celery (1 stalk)
1/2 cup of bell pepper pieces (1/2 pepper)
16-ounce can tomato sauce
16-ounce can of Chili beans
1 packet of chili sauce powder (sometimes they come mixed-in with the pinto beans – above)

If you’re cooking this is a Dutch Oven, start with the browning of the meat and then stir in the other ingredients + ½ cup of water. Let it cook over the campfire for approximately ½ hour.

If you’re planning on cooking in tinfoil pouches, prepare them and put each one in a zip-lock bag. Put each pouch into the hot campfire coals and push some coals on top of each one. You can also cook these pouches on the grill of camp stove, if you don’t want to wait on the campfire…it can take up to an hour to build a campfire and get the coals hot enough for cooking.

Carefully remove the pouches from the hot coals (grown-up) and be careful of that hot burst of steam when you open the pouch. Enjoy!

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