Bowline Knot

Bowline Knot

The Bowline knot (pronounced “Bohl-Lin”) is known as the king of knots. It’s very reliable and is a good knot for making secure loops in a piece of rope. It can be tied and untied quickly with no load on the rope, but can not be tied with a load. This is a good long term knot that will not slip, and will get stronger under an increased load.

Be careful with this knot when the load varies continuously or if there a jerking motion on the loop. Under these conditions, it will loosen considerably.

This is a good knot to consider when typing two ropes together. It’s especially useful if the ropes are of different sizes or materials, as this doesn’t matter when tying the two bowline loops together. Some possible uses include: a tent-stake tie down, a lasso loop, or a mooring loop to dock a boat.

To tie a bowline, use the following steps:


Bowline – Step 1:

Grab the rope and leave enough on the end for the size loop that you want to make.

Next, grab the slack and form your small knot loop (“Rabbit hole”).

Bowline – Step 2:

Take the end of the rope (rabbit) and come up out of the hole .

Bowline – Step 3:

Go around the work end of the rope (”Tree”) & Go back down the hole

Bowline Knot – Final Step:

Pull taught.

The bowline is a good basic loop knot to have in your knot tying toolbox. It’s easy to tie, untie, and it’s reliable under load. It won’t be your knot of choice when trying to tie a loop knot under load, but it’s good for almost any other situation that may arise.

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