Black Cherry Tree

Black Cherry Tree

The Black Cherry Tree is an attractive, tall shade tree that is best known for its dark red lumber used in veneer and furniture.

In the Spring, its flowers (or Cherry Blossoms) are a sight to see. It can be equally striking in the fall with the changing leaf colors and bright orange red and yellow hues.

The fruit for which it gets its name is a bitter tasting cherry that ripens into a dark purple color. It is used in jams, jellies, and liquors. If you really want to catch your campers off-guard, ask them to taste one of these bitter fruits…it resembles nothing of that artificial taste we’ve come to believe is “Cherry”. However, the black cherries are very popular amongst the song birds, squirrels, raccoons, deer, fox, and other wildlife.

The Cherry Tree can be found throughout the U.S., west to east, north to south.

Below is a summary of tree facts for the Cherry Tree:

Scientific Name: Prunus serotina
Region: North America
Height: 60-90 feet
Spread: 35-50 feet
Leaf Length & Color: 4-8 inches, green
Fall Leaf Color: Yellow
Unique Characteristics: Tall shade tree coveted by furniture makers for its premium wood;
Its fruit make it popular amongst birds but not to sidewalks ;-).


Black Cherry TreeThe Cherry tree is a beautiful tree that is a part of American landscapes and history. Form the axe of George Washington to the pie of its fruit, the Cherry Tree is an All-American favorite and a good tree to keep an eye out when you go outdoors.

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