Animal Tracks

Animal Tracks

Seeing animal tracks and other signs of wildlife in the woods is exciting. Recognizing them and being able to tell what type of animal it is can be even more fun! The woods are home to many species of animals and birds. When you educate your campers on their tracks and other signs, you’ll create an enthusiastic group of woodland sleuths out to see what they can find!!

Some animals have hooves, others have claws, and others have feet that look like ours! See the webbing of the beaver’s tracks? This makes sense as they spend a lot of their time swimming and fishing. How about hand-like tracks of the raccoon and opossum? I’m sure this aids in their tree climbing!! A footprint gives us a lot of clues to how the animals live and where they roam.

The tracks below are nice clear impressions, like the kind you would find in the snow or the mud. More often than not, you’ll find partial tracks or indentations on leaves, soft soil, and sand. If you find a really good track, try making a plaster mold as a fun camping craft! Another fun activity is to include a list of animals on a photo scavenger hunt and have your campers search for their tracks. There are many ways to include animals signs and tracks on your next camping trip. Use your imagination, explore and discover the tracks of our fellow woodland friends…

Squirrel Tracks


Rabbit Tracks


Beaver Tracks


Opossum Tracks



Raccoon Tracks



Skunk Tracks


Coyote Tracks



Red Fox Tracks

Red Fox



Gray Wolf Tracks



Deer Tracks


Black Bear Tracks

Black Bear


Turkey Tracks


Now that you know how to track our woodland friends, explore the outdoors and find their tracks! If you find a really good one, take a picture or cast a plaster of paris mold.

The best areas to find animal tracks are when the ground is moist after rain, in fresh snow, or along the banks of rivers, streams, or creeks.

Have fun exploring!

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