American Elm Tree

American Elm Tree

The American Elm Tree is a popular and long-living shade tree.

Its popularity saw a decline with the introduction of the Dutch Elm Disease (fungus spread by bark-eating beetles), however there seems to be a resurgence in the Elm’s use in new developments and cityscape planning.

The Elm is known for its very hard wood and is used for furniture, veneer, and lumber.

In the early colonial days, Elm was the wood of choice for Indian canoes, kids hula hoops, rocking chairs, and wooden barrels.

The Elm Tree can grow into huge shade trees, and with their unique vase-shape, they also make a nice streetscape tree or appealing driveway lining.

The Dutch Elm Disease has made the Elm’s woodland population decrease somewhat, but they still are a major hardwood presence in the great outdoors.

The Elm Tree can be found throughout the U.S., west to east, north to south.

Elm Tree Facts

Scientific Name: Ulmus americana
Region: North America
Height: 70-90 feet
Spread: 50-70 feet
Leaf Length & Color: 4-8 inches, green
Fall Leaf Color: Yellow
Unique Characteristics: Tall shade tree with a unique vase-shape growth;
Dutch Elm Disease has caused a big drop in their population .

The Elm tree is a great tree to find on a hot summer afternoon, or a place to climb and get a better vantage point.

Their unique leaves, fruit, and vase-shape should make them easy to spot.

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